To best serve each client, I always suggest we start with a consultation at their location or home.  This meeting is free and is intended to help each of us learn more about the other.  It is important that I fully understand what the goal is and to see the items first hand.  It is equally important that clients use this opportunity to learn more about me.  After the initial consultation I will advise the client on what services will be most affective in reaching their goal.  In some cases this may be all that is required of me.  In most cases I will be part of the process by either buying or brokering certain items. 


Every client has a unique combination of items that they are considering selling.  When helping these clients I will often offer to buy items when I am confident I am paying more than other solutions will net them.  This is usually a small percent of the items they are selling.  Certain category's such as jewelry, coins, bullion, watches and sterling items should net a higher return percent to the client and may therefore need to be purchased outright to insure this.


There are many dealers with many types and levels of expertise in the collectibles industry today.  Knowing who is best at what is important when determining the best way to maximize the return on an item or collection.  To best serve my clients I commonly manage the sale of their items through proven leaders that have a track record of success.  These dealers must maintain a strong record of customer satisfaction and be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.  


The world of collectibles is constantly evolving.  Selling items is more challenging today than ever before.  This is due in part to the changing sentiment by the Millennial generation which is having a dramatic affect on values and trends.  I speak on this, downsizing and other topics for senior groups, real estate professionals, active senior communities and social clubs.